Visual identity development and printing

visual identity development and printing

Good graphics design is a very important component of doing business, it represents your company. If is well done, it is an investment that builds a successful image of a company. Graphics design is closely related to printing and in depth knowledge of the media the design is being made for is necessary in order to fully employ its characteristics, minimize its flows and avoid printing mistakes that result from not knowing the media the graphics design is being made for.

Defining visual identity and being inventive at it is as important as your unique offer and the business policy of your company. You should approach defining your visual identity immediately, while the other preparations for starting business are still ongoing. A company without notable visual identity cannot make good first impression on potential clients and co-workers. The market sees who you are and what you can offer through on your visual identity. Visual identity is crucial!

A book of graphics standards

A book of graphics standards ontains different elements that represent your visual identity. Basic elements should be your logo, business cards, memorandums as well as different size envelops. The above mentioned things are an absolute minimum! However, in certain cases you can go further and brand your business cars or make unique office furniture and business premises interior.

Makromedia team, an revive your attitudes with their ideas. Our professionals are ready to take up assignments that would create for you a unique, recognizable visual identity in order to improve or refresh your business. Our capability to do all this comes from our creativity, huge experience and a respectable technical equipment.

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