Product development and marketing and brand positioning

product development and marketing and brand positioning

One of the first historical uses of the English word “brand” was by the Wild West American cowboys who “branded” their cows to distinguish them from the other cows in the prairie. Branding on market is very similar to branding on a ranch, from a business point of view. The goal of any branding program is to differentiate your product from the other products on the market. Making a brand is considered to be the most important function of marketing. Furthermore, many leading marketing experts think that making a brand is the one and only function of marketing. This trend of the need to brand is accelerated by the continual decrease in the classical types of sales, i.e. the ways the goods are exchanged on the market.

The power of a brand depends on the first place on the position the brand has in relation with other brands in the mind of a consumer. The story on branding cannot even start without prior understanding of the idea of positioning that brought a revolution in marketing. The main principle of positioning, which is at the same time the cause of the change in the way of thinking in marketing, is the change that happened in the field of communications in the modern world. With the amazing development of the media (newspapers, radio, television, the Internet) a modern man is saturated by information. The amount of information we have to process in one day just to perform our everyday duties has become enormous.

The key question is: How is your brand positioned?

Good graphics design is a very important component of doing business, it is representation of your company. If is well done, it is an investment that builds a successful image of a company. Graphics design is closely related to printing and in depth knowledge of the media the design is being made for in order to fully employ its characteristics, minimize its flows and avoid printing mistakes that result from not knowing the media graphics design is being made for.

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